How to wear our butterfly sweater

First of all, remember that when you take it out of the bag, find the T in the back.
The top of the T goes across your shoulders and the line down your back.
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As a jacket, simply slip your arms into the arm holes.
Create a cowel neck by taking the end of the lapel at your waist and bring it across your body up to your neck and tuck it under your collar. You can do the same with the other lapel to create a double cowel neck.
For a hooded sweater, simply take the collar and put it over your head.
Duster: When wearing as a jacket, take it off, turn upside down and slip your arms into the arm holes.
Cape: When worn as a duster, take it off one arm, open the arm hole and put it over your head to wear as a cape.
Enjoy all the different ways to wear this unique sweater!