In 1997, clothing designer Rhonda Bowler launched her dream of working with her artisan friends in Bali to craft fresh and appealing women’s wear. Island Tribe Apparel presented new, body-flattering designs in light summery fabrics featuring traditional Batik patterns. Island Tribe quickly became a popular line, available in retail stores, art galleries, and spas.

As Rhonda’s business grew, so did her family, and her children grew up alongside the next generation of the Island children. It is a matter of pride and delight that the next generations still work and play together in continued, multi-generational partnership.

Over the years, Island Tribe has worked to benefit the Balinese artisans who craft the clothing, helping to support a family and sending children through higher education and expanding opportunities for all who work together. Island Tribe is more than a business; it is a socially responsible Fair Trade company and an expanded family.

Fabrics used by Island Tribe are natural fibers and blends. Acrylic fibers are up-cycled materials recreated from food-quality products.

Today, Island Tribe Apparel has evolved in a new direction, as founder and designer Rhonda Bowler has moved into production of Island Tribe Knits. From feather-light sheer fabrics to chunky, deeply textured sweaters, Island Tribe Knits are available in a wide array of colors, textures, and levels of warmth.

Island Tribe remains headquartered in the heart of the Redwoods of California’s North Coast. You can find Rhonda in her design studio, when she and her family are not working on the Island with the rest of their Tribe.

Island Tribe Knits is available from New York to San Francisco and online here.

With Love and Gratitude,